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Michigan Laborers District Council Joins The Build It Michigan Strong Coalition

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

More support for SB 431 as Michigan LiUNA agrees that reform is needed to help cut the cost of road building, allowing Michigan to take on more construction projects and create more jobs

LANSING – The Build It Michigan Strong roads and infrastructure coalition today announced that the Michigan Laborers District Council (Michigan LiUNA) has joined its unique team of labor and business groups in supporting Senate Bill 431, which will expand aggregate mining to help fix more Michigan roads with lower costs and increased construction activity. "We joined the Build It Michigan Strong coalition in support of SB 431 because it will help maintain and even increase road building and construction activity, which means a stronger economy and great jobs for our skilled workers who are rebuilding Michigan's roads and bridges," said Alex Zurek, Secretary/Treasurer of Michigan LiUNA.  

The Michigan Laborers District Council is a construction union for craft laborers made up of seven locals with more than 13,000 members statewide. Michigan Laborers are the builders who are constructing our roads, bridges and buildings, safely and efficiently.  

SB 431 Saves Money at a Time that Costs Are Rising The Detroit News has pointed out that rising costs for road construction supplies are limiting the ability to get more roads fixed (More spending on Michigan roads blunted by rising costs). Aggregate companies confirm that supplies are limited in areas, leading to wasteful spending as raw construction materials like sand and gravel are hauled across the state's roads and freeways to where they are needed most: "Mark Schlegel, owner of the Lansing-area Schlegel Sand & Gravel, said the supply shortage is real. Schlegel said he is fielding a growing number of purchase inquiries from road contractors in west and southeast Michigan who would typically rely on closer mines for cheaper costs. Shipping material across the state can be prohibitively expensive, he said, sometimes costing more than the gravel or sand itself." Unprecedented Coalition Backs the SB 431 Reform Plan The Build It Michigan Strong coalition backs a modernization of the PA 113 aggregate mining permitting process as sponsored by State Senator Adam Hollier, D-Detroit. The coalition brings together an unprecedented pairing of labor and business groups dedicated to rebuilding our state and growing our economy— without wasting taxpayer dollars.  Coalition members include:   MICHIGAN LABORERS DISTRICT COUNCIL (MICHIGAN LiUNA)  OPERATING ENGINEERS 324 MICHIGAN TEAMSTERS JOINT COUNCIL 43 MICHIGAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MICHIGAN MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION MICHIGAN AGGREGATES ASSOCIATION MICHIGAN INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION MICHIGAN CONCRETE ASSOCIATION ASPHALT PAVEMENT ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN  GRAND RAPIDS CHAMBER

To read more about the public policy under debate regarding SB 431, go to:

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